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Perception and impact of infrasound on humans

18 March 2019

Rostock, Germany

In our daily and occupational life, many sources emit infrasound because of their function or un-intended. This is particularly the case for the in-creasing traffic noise exposure or machines like pumps or air conditioning systems. There are nu-merous indicators that sound at these frequen-cies can be perceived and affects people. Within the EU-funded international project EARS II research was performed to improve the objective rationale of the auditory perception of infra-sound. A project  commissioned by the German Environment Agency (UBA) investigates the reaction of humans on  different infrasound sour-ces and stimuli.

The workshop intends to bring together international experts to discuss many issues of this topic. In invited talks the current state of the art will be demonstrated along with the presentation of EARS II and UBA preliminary project results using audiological methods, neu-roimaging, and medial diagnosis. The work-shop will contribute to the question whether these sounds can be of any risk for the hearing system or limiting quality of life by annoyances. This workshop will be held the day before the annual meeting of the German Acoustical Society ( It gives the opportunity to share the final results of the project with many interested persons and to discuss together all related issues of the topics. For this purpose the workshop schedule contains scientific talks and structured discussion sessions for a fruitful scientific exchange.

Project Contact:


Workshop Contact:

Katja Rossignol (


Stadthalle Rostock
Südring 90
18059 Rostock

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No additional fees for the workshop
DAGA participants are welcome
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Christian Koch, PTB Braunschweig

Scientific Committee:

Detlef Krahé (Uni Wuppertal)
Torsten Marquardt (UCL London)
Thomas Myck (UBA)
Stefan Uppenkamp (Uni Oldenburg)


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Leaflet including the preliminary programme

Download the workshop announcement here.