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The following publications are directly linked to the projects EMRP HLT01 Ears and EMPIR 15HLT03 Ears II:

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A psychoacoustical study to investigate the perceived unpleasantness of infrasound combined with audio-frequency sound.

Author(s):Elisa Burke, Stefan Uppenkamp, Christian Koch
Journal:Acta Acust. 4 (5), S. 20.
Abstract:At many immission sites of infrasound (frequency f < 20 Hz), humans are exposed to a mixture of infrasound and sound in the common audio-frequency range (audio sound, 20 Hz < f < 20 kHz). Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine the auditory perception of infrasound and audio sound not only in isolation but also in combination. This laboratory study aims to investigate the perceived unpleasantness of infrasound (sinusoid at 12 Hz) and audio sound (sinusoid at 1000 Hz, pink-noise 250–4000 Hz), presented alone or in combination with each other. A pairwise comparison task and a rating task using a numerical scale were conducted with 19 normal hearing listeners. In addition, individual detection thresholds were determined for the infrasound stimulus. Combinations of infrasound and audio sound were rated as equally or more unpleasant than either sound presented alone. Inter-individual differences in unpleasantness ratings using the numerical scale were particularly high for stimuli containing infrasound. This can only in part be related to the large variability in infrasound thresholds. These findings suggest that simultaneous exposure to infrasound and audio sound can increase the perceived unpleasantness when both are presented at a sufficient level above the detection threshold. DOI: 10.1051/aacus/2020019.

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