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Workshop on

A new generation of ear simulators

19 February 2019

Hørsholm, Denmark


In 2012 a consortium of European measurement institutes embarked on a project (EARS) to create a new approach to hearing assessment appropriate for all ages, focussing initially on a new set of ear simulators targeting specific age groups. We are now approaching the end of the second phase of this project (called EARSII) which has developed and further rationalised the concept.

Issues such as new calibration procedures, IEC standardization, determination of reference threshold data and guidance for implementing the new approach are all being covered, as well as the design and production of the new ear simulators themselves. The objective is to produce devices, data and procedures that are better fit-for-purpose, and ultimately improve the reliability of hearing test results, regardless of the patients’ age or of the assessment methods used.

We therefore wish to invite you to a workshop (details can be found below) where these developments will be presented by the project team. Invited speakers will also present their perspective on the work, and there will be opportunities to discuss how you can become involved in future research to take these technical developments into clinical practice.

The workshop is for:

  • General clinical and research audiologists
  • Paediatric audiologist
  • Manufacturers of audiometric equipment
  • Audiometric calibration service providers
  • Formulators of policy, regulation and standardisation

Project Contact:


Workshop Contact:

Salvador Barrera-Figueroa (DFM, Hørsholm),


Kogle Allé 5   
DK2970 Hørsholm


100,– EUR / 50,– EUR for students
Include lunch and refreshments


Richard Barham (ASN, London)

Scientific Committee:

Thomas Fedtke (PTB Braunschweig)
Christian Hof (METAS, Bern)
Enver Sadikoglu (UME, Istanbul)
Salvador Barrera-Figueroa (DFM, Hørsholm)
Erling Sandermann-Olsen (BKSV, Nærum)


Registration is closed. If you need further assistance please contact us via


Download our announcement flyer here.