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A welding machine for the definition of a reference ultrasonic workplace

An ultrasonic welding machine on a desk in anechoic environment serves as a reference for noise-exposed working places.

IFA from DGUV and PTB defined a typical ultrasonic welding workplace setup that can serve as a reference for the variety of workplaces exposed to ultrasonic noise. The source is a standard ultrasonic welding machine by the collaborator Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG that can be used for different applications.

The methods currently used to measure and assess the ultrasonic noise at workplaces are ‘lent’ from the audible frequency range and it’s one of the aims of the project to find a new method that is fast and appropriate to the ultrasound characteristics. In real world, these measurements are performed in running production lines with no opportunity to extensively study the method itself.

The reference workplace is now used at IFA and PTB to study in detail the ultrasound field and the applicability of current measurement methods in the laboratory. This strategy shall explain why the current methods lead to non-reliable results. The detailed knowledge on the sound field and how it is influenced by walls and the worker himself will allow to find a new appropriate method and an associated uncertainty.