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A welding machine for the definition of a reference ultrasonic workplace

IFA from DGUV and PTB defined a typical ultrasonic welding workplace setup that can serve as a reference for the variety of workplaces exposed to ultrasonic noise. The source is a standard ultrasonic welding machine by the...


Stakeholder Advisory Group

The stakeholder advisory group (StAG) under the chairmanship of Graham Frost has been active in assisting with the specification of ear simulators. Stakeholders have been consulted on their views on how the new family of devices...


Two collaborators for the measurement of ultrasonic noise

Two new collaborators were incorporated to the project. Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic welding machines and contributes with equipment and knowledge on the state-of-the-art...


Ultrasonic noise at working places at DAGA2017 in Kiel

IFA from DGUV and PTB had four contributions to the session “noise at working places” at DAGA (German annual conference on acoustics) 2017 in Kiel. One talk and three poster presentations on the measurement, assessment and...


First EARS II project meeting in Ljubljana

University of Ljubljana was hosting the first EARS II project meeting. It was held in January 2017 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 23 researchers from 6 European countries attended the meeting. The meeting was very successful thanks to...


First Newsletter published

Newsletter No.1

The first Newsletter contains an introduction to the new project by the coordinator, reports on the activities in the gap year between the two projects Ears and Ears 2, highlights the first steps and dissemination of work, and...


EU invests in new project on hearing–related public health

A new €2 million pan-European project on “Metrology for modern hearing assessment and protecting public health from emerging noise sources” has just started. With its focus on applying measurement science, i. e. metrology, to...

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